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Si me lees y tienes alguna duda sobre algún producto, o quieres que reseñe algo que te interesa comprar (y no quieres perder tu dinero)...
Si tienes una tienda y necesitas mis reseñas para informar sobre los productos que vendes, puedes usar mis enlaces y fotografías sin problema, siempre que menciones mi Blog o el enlace al producto/reseña.

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If you read my Blog and have doubts about some product, or want me review something you want to buy and aren't sure of it, just write me at my email
If you have a online Store  and want to use the info to your product description, I have no problem but mention my blog and give the link, same as with my photos.

For sponsorship, contact me at

I will only do partnership, Collab or affiliate with Shops that are related with the topics of my Blog (Korean cosmetics, food or Korean goodies).
I'm always reading my mail, so I'll put in contact with you sooner as possible.

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