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21 oct 2014

Hi english readers! Today I'll show you this post. Made the previous one only in spanish because I was afraid that, if made all mixed, will be too long and therefore, could be boring to you.

In here (Chile) we're starting Spring and since in here we don't have that culture of skincare, and many love their skin tan, we usually don't wear sunblock. I know, it's too bad, specially because in here the Ozone it's weak so we're overexposed to skin burn and cancer =/
Personally, I avoid to get out if it's not neccesary, and always had to use sunblock because many years ago had a sunburn and that hurts like hell. And must confess it: my goth side keeps telling me that pale skin is more beautiful :3

If you're starting with Korean skincare or just wanted to look for a nice sunblock, I'll reviewed some for you and plus, give some info about sunblocks you must know.

Here we go, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the reading.

First thing that must have in mind when search for our perfect sunblock is to identify our needs and traits, think in your skintone, your skin type (dry, sensitive, combo, oily or if you have rosacea), think about the amount of time you must be outdoors, if you wear make up or want that to have a sporty life.

We're going to give a ask/answer round before!

¿What kind of suncreams do exist?

Sunblocks are divided into two types depending the ability to fight sunlight.

 Physical/ Inorganic/Mineral :

                                     -  Main ingredients are Titanium dioxide, Zinc oxide
- Any skin type can use it safely
- Leave a white cast on skin, may be a little heavy  than a chemical filter suncream.


♥ Chemical/Organic/ :

 - Main ingredients are nitrobenzoic acid, benzophenone, octisalate, homosalate, moxoryl, oxybenzone, amongst others.
- doesn't leave white cast on skin
-  May cause sensitivite in skin, that's why it's not recommended to sensitive skin or troubled, acne skin because when react to sunlight, cause chemical reactions inside skin, leaving it irritated and prone to infections.

¿What kinds of texture can I find?

 Cream: Most used by chemical and physical sunblocks. The biggest con it's the fact that more protection, more heavy this cream can be. There are also milk or fluid types.

♥ Spray: Favourite of many in S.Korea. But sadly, this type of suncare product it's only chemical. Kfda approved a safe kind of gas, so there's no problema at all if you inhale it. Biggest con: must use it well, it's not a mist, must cover well the whole area.

♥ Powder: Least used, because it's hard to catch the right amount and particles fly off with wind :c

¿What is SPF and PA?

SPF it's solar protection factor and this is the protection to skin against UVB rays that in old times were well blocked by Ozone layer. It's the main cause for skin cancer. Today it's recommended using spf not less than 30 due the poor quality of this layer.

PA it's about aging protection of skin against UVA rays, that are responsible of early aging and dark spots due sunlight. PA can be + (protected), ++(well protected), +++ (extremely protected).

¿If my skin is troubled, whick sunblock should use?

When skin is exposed to certain problems, like extreme sensitivity, rosacea or even acne, the best you can do is use physical suncare products, because this ones don't have that much side effect as the "chemical" ones. So, you must search for titanium dioxide or zinc oxide with a SPF no less than 15. If you have rosacea, this sunblocks can help you through it to reduce redness and protect you against  UV rays.

¿How do I use this?

May look a silly question, but usually (and I didn't knew it) we don't know how much is the right amount or if we should reapply.
Well, the amount it's 1/4 of a teaspoon for face and neck (and ears), and for best results, can apply it 20 minutoes before going outdoor and reapply after 2-3 hours wether it's "physical" or "chemical".

¿How should I cleanse this? 

Remember, even if you didn't use any make up, you must do a proper cleansing before going to bed, to leave our face and neck clean of all dirt, sweat, face oil and pollution that can clog our pores and cause pimples. Because ingredients, the best way to get rid of sunblock is using your favourite oil cleanser since most of the filters are solluble in oil. I use my oil cleanser and after a foam cleanser.

Now, the mini reviews. Please note that this samples lasted one (in exceptional cases, 2) uses, and took two pics of all, one before sunblock and one with sunblock to you could see the finish they have.  Evaluated the following things:

- Type of sunblock
♥ Texture
♥ Oil control
♥ Fragrance
♥ Oilyness
♥ White cast
♥ Finish

Nature Republic California Aloe Sun block
50 power lasting

Mixed sunblock (chemical with a physical ingredient)

♥ SPF/PA 50+/ PA+++
♥ Texture: dense white cream
♥ Oil control: Usually wear loose powder, pero las veces que no lo he hecho, los brillos  reaparecen a las 3 horas aprox.
♥ Fragrance: aloe, herbal.
♥ Oily?: light-medium
♥ White cast: almost unnoticeable
♥ Finish: At first is juicy, after a moment, it turns out some matte. 

Missha All around safe block soft finish sun milk

Chemical sunblock (but does have zinc oxide)

♥ SPF/PA: 50+/PA+++
♥ Texture: like milk, very liquid
♥ Oil control: 3-4 hours max.
♥ Fragrance: soft floral
♥ Oily?: While you're applying it. After some minutos, it's matte like powdered.
♥ White cast: almost none
♥ Finish:  Leaves face natural and matte

Nature Republic Uv lock flower water gel sun

Chemical Sunscreen

♥ SPF30/PA++
♥ Texture: between cream and gel type and it's easy to spread
♥ Oil control: Poor
♥ Fragrance: Nice and soft floral scent
♥ Oiliness: little
♥ White cast: No
♥ Finish: takes a little to be fully absorbed, and at last give matte natural finish

Hanyul White Chrissantemum

Mixed Sunblock (+chemical but does contain Titanium dioxide)
♥ SPF50+/PA+++
♥ Texture: creamy
♥ Oil control: 2-3 hours
♥ Fragrance: So nice and soft, floral
♥ Oiliness: Almost none, it's well absorbed by skin
♥ White cast:  light, it's more like a CC cream
♥ Finish: Juicy. It does reduce redness and inflammation

Iope UV shield Sun protector 

Mixed Sunblock (+chemical with Titanium dioxide)

♥ SPF50+/PA+++
♥ Texture: light cream
♥ Oil control: between 2-3 hours
♥ Fragrance: soft floral scent
♥ Oiliness: Not at all, but it does moisten skin
♥ White cast: almost nothing
♥ Finish: juicy-dewy.

Sorry for the lack of images, but didn't take pics of this one  ._., but to picture it, it's almost same result than Laneige.

Laneige Sun block supreme 

Mixed Sunblock (+chemical with Titanium dioxide)

♥ SPF50+/PA+++
♥ Texture: yellowish white, light cream
♥ Oil control: Aprox.3 hours
♥ Fragrance: soft and pleasant floral scent
♥ Oiliness: At all
♥ White cast: almost nothing
♥ Finish: Dewy and healthy

The Faceshop Natural sun Sebum control Moisture sun

Chemical Sunscreen

♥ SPF40+/PA+++
♥ Texture: yellowish white, light cream
♥ Oil control: Aprox.3-4 hours
♥ Fragrance: so good, seriously. SO good, floral...
♥ Oily?: At all
♥ White cast: minimal
♥ Finish: looks like you didn't put sunscreen on your face, but if you touch it, you'll notice that is soft and if you look, have a natural matte look.

Skin Food Aloe Triple Sun 

Mixed Sunscreen (+chemical, with Zinc Oxide and Titanium dioxide)

♥ SPF50+/PA+++
♥ Textura: same TFS listed above
♥ Oil control: máx. 2 hours
♥ Fragancia: suave, floral y aloe
♥ oily?: some
♥ White cast: No
♥ Finish:  juicy, like an average moisturizer cream

Now that you have all those mini reviews and a short explanation about sunblock/sunscreen, hope you can be able to find the one your skin needs. In my case, I loved the Missha, Faceshop; but realized that this aren't for me since are mostly chemical and my skin is oily-sensitive and acne prone, so these kind of sunscreens could worse my skin. In fact, after all these days doing this tests, Had a few breakouts all over my face, in eyebrow, between eyebrow, and mostly my chin.
Now, I'll have to go on with the quest to find my perfect sunblock, but one good thing with knowing korean cosmetics bloggers it's that they can have more choices to you. I've found that Pilar from Realm of madness reviewed a perfect sunblock (physical) and why I say perfect? because it's suitable for oily skin, it's not heavy and she didn't had any reaction. This sunblock it's Oil capture from Peripera.
And after reading, found out that Innisfree does have too a good one, in spf35 and spf50, and it's no sebum :D, so from now, I'll just have to finish my current sunblock and order one of those :D yay

Any question, just tell me ,okay?

(sorry, didn't take pics of the two sunblocks from Etude, but to make a statement, Etude House Sunprise all proof it's like Nature Republic, california aloe...but the Sun Powder aqua jelly was hell. Hard to remove from the case-sample- and was an oily thing, put that in my face and hated the feeling, was like had used butter, had to wash it again and use Nature Republic.)

C ya!!

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