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23 nov 2018

If you have ever gone through my Instagram, especially stories, I think it's very likely that you must have been curious every time I upload screenshots of an app that shows data as UV index, temperature, humidity, pollution... and personal measurements of the state of my skin.

This app it's called Wayskin, a skin and environment analyzer app, but that can be used only when you have the tool that goes with it, which is the skin analyzer device.

This is an entry I had pending months ago and that months ago did it finally in spanish because it's lenght and now finally had time to rewrite it in english language, but for different issues I preferred to delay until I had "mastered" the use, because since I bought it, until today, the app has been updated once, bringing this update a minimum change that is more useful for those who use western products. I hope they can update other points that I also consider important to improve soon.

Wayskin, is a skin and environment analyzer device, owned by WayWearable, a South Korean company whose motto is to create delicate technological items, to improve the quality of life, through healthier skin.

This particular device, baptized with love as "the lil' dount", is a device that analyzes your skin based on the measurement made by a bioelectrical impedance analysis, which is a better known system thanks to the machines that nutritionists or trainers use to calculate body data. I can't explain in detail how this works because I don't know about it or don't have the knowledge to talk about it, for me it's still "magic" 😅.

This "donut" basically  analyze your skin, delivering hydration readings and also giving readings of the environmental conditions of the place where you are. In addition, as all the data of the measurements that you make on your skin is recorded, and as in the "daily" part you can write down the products that you have used, or some important change or data, it serves as a reference to learn to know more your skin or the products you are using, and whether they serve your routine purpose or not.

While there are several websites that offer this product, few have shipping to my country, and they don't have special promotions. That is why I took advantage of the Black Friday promotion on the Wayskin global website and bought my analyzer on its official website. But if you live in other countries and don't want to wait for any special promotion, you can get it in the following stores that I will put below.

Something you should know about the official site of Wayskin, is that their shipment is only via FedEx, so if you live in South America in general you could have problems with taxes or extra charges at Customs. I had the chance to ask for an EMS shipment last year, but today, FedEx option is the only available due the lithium battery inside the device.


Wayskin, Bag for the device, Microfiber cloth, manual, USB cable.

Product specifications

 - Skin moisture sensor

- UV sensor

- Humidity sensor

- Compact size (58 * 58 * 13.5 mm), 23.5 gr

- Not water resistant

- Bluetooth 4.0

- Led light

- Vibrating alerts

- Rechargeable battery (100mAh Li-Po)


Android 4.3 and above

iOS 8 and higher

Model No.

WAY1BG (Black & Gold)

Wayskin has precise functions, but they also cover several extra points. Now I'll detail it.

1.- Skin analysis: thanks to the personalized test and its measurement with humidity sensors, it's able to detect the state of our skin and approximate age (despite mine isn't working as before), and give readings about how our skin is. Thanks to this you can be more attentive about what products you can use to make your skin healthier.

 And since it's a small item, it's portable and you can make measurements anywhere.

This is the tool I use the most, especially to be able to check if the products I test serve their purpose, or whether they help my skin or not. As all the measurements I make are saved, I can create a "daily life" diary about my skincare routine to check if my routine with x products is going well or meets the standards I am looking for, or if it is necessary to change products.

Thanks to the box that appears under the measurement already made, you can write important data of whatever you have done at that time or day.

Despite being a personal device, you can also measure the skin to other people ... only the results will not be saved.

2.- Environment readings: every day and thanks to the data provided by the national meteorology services, as well as the readings captured by the device, you can find out the UV index in your location, the percentage of environmental humidity, the temperature and the level of environmental pollution, and thanks to that, to be able to have adequate advice for the benefit of your skin, either in terms of the SPF that you should use (although when there are very extreme levels you are advised not to leave home or office), perform double cleansing when there is too much pollution, take care of the moderate use of moisturizing products if humidity is very high, or add more moisturizers if the environment is dry or hot.

3. - Monitoring your period: this is one of the characteristics that attracted me most and that I love, besides because it has helped me a lot, since my acne breakouts and problems are linked to hormonal causes, related to my menstrual cycle.

Synchronize your device with your cycle date, and in each process or period, it will give you advice on what is happening, how this affects your skin and the steps you can take to help your skin, focusing on different objectives. It's super useful for those of us who are in our fertile stage of life, and in the configuration you can activate the alert so that you can be notified daily about this.

4.- Monitoring of water intake: this is one of the weak points of the app IMO. I think if it had an alarm, it would fulfill its purpose. For now, and until there is no update of the app, this feature that was promising for something useful, is a nuisance, because it doesn't work as it should.

5.- Delivery of personalized tips: this is what I love most of Wayskin. This feature will give you tips and recommendations regarding weather, in terms of the state of your skin, your age and your menstrual cycle; In addition, there is a kind of chat where you enter and they give you links to skin care articles that you can read, evaluate or pass. Suddenly I found good articles to read at leisure.

What I think could be better, would be the recommendation of products. I see that sector quite weak in terms of incorporating Korean products, it has a lot of potential and they are missing it.

The variety I bought has black and pink / gold tones, so the lil'donut has those colors. There is another color that is white and silver.

The box in which the analyzer comes is orange, with information in english and korean languages, it's sealed.

Inside there is a white box that has magnetic closing, and inside is the analyzer device, held by a sponge with its shape. Under the device, there is a box containing the felt bag/cloth and the USB connection cable. In this same box there is a small manual that is quite useful to learn how to use the device, and to take care of it properly.

The first thing to do, after having plugged and charging the device with the USB cable included, is to download the app (available for Android and iOS systems), then activate bluetooth on your phone and press just ONCE the button with the Wayskin logo on the device. The application will start and connect with your phone.

In order to use it, we have to create an account in this app or link it with Facebook. The device is unipersonal, so it doesn't support multiple accounts.

Once you have registered, you can make your first measurement by pressing the button that says Skin Scan. However, I advise you to do a fairly complete skin test first so you know what your skin type is on the button that says Skin Type Check, and that you can also enter your age in your profile, so that way the diagnosis is more accurate, since that in my case, only with my skin diagnosis, the analyzer estimated that my skin represented 23 years -which is quite flattering, but it's not real- and when I entered my real age, it gave me a more correct reading, It depends on the daily state of my skin, but it fluctuates between 28 and 30 years.

 After all these first adjustments, you are ready to have your wayskin device operational.

Whenever you connect it, it will send you to the main screen that shows you the environmental data depending on what is most relevant at the moment. For example, today outside there's a sunny day, but the air is polluted, Wayskin showed me the most important thing was the temperature (high) and then, the UV indicator, which is 13, extremely high. Also regarding humidity, since the excess affects the likelihood of skin problems due to sebum and the low levels send a dry caution about skin moisture going down (also give moisture to your eyes, eye drops). On days with a lot of environmental pollution, the PM10 (acronym to refer to the particulate material) indicates that double cleansing should be done to avoid pore clogging, and so each day according to environmental conditions, it will give personalized advice.

Something that must always be taken into account for its use, is that the surface of the Wayskin should be clean, your face should not be "wet" or with water on the surface (not even sweat), and it also how you put your fingers will change some readings. The idea is that you don't interfere with other sensors present in the same device. This is how I hold the donut and the place where I take my measurements.

There are a couple of points that I think Wayskin could improve, especially when they are two functionalities that are useful. On the one hand, the monitoring of water consumption is not useful because it doesn't give or send alerts when you should consume water, and the "goal" is not updated when you manually add what is ingested.

Another point that I feel a little weak, is that of the recommendations. It's good that the company wants to have a global presence, but considering that its origin is South Korea, it would be very pleasant and convenient for the products that they "recommend" to come from that same origin. Several times I have tried to enter the products that I use in my routine, I take the photographs, I give information so that they can be registered, and yet I see that they are never uploaded and updated. From everything I use it is sad that only 2 products appear on their list.

As a conclusion, although I bought it on a whim basically, its functions and how useful they are, made this device to become a tool that is always on my night table and in my purse when I have to go somewhere... completely displaced my old analyzer I bought on eBay and literally has become my advisor, because thanks to the information I use now, always coordinated with the weather and my period, I hardly go through skin problems, and when they happen, I know what is what I should do

Do I recommend it? Well, it depends on your situation.

If you are looking for news or if you aren't a constant and disciplinated person with your skin care and with the products you use, it's very possible that you may get bored or that you don't take advantage of it as you should, and therefore you would end up wasting the money invested on wayskin device.

If you are someone with complicated skin, who live in a place with a changing or polluted climate, who travel a lot, if you are always aware of your skin and take care of introducing new products into your routine, or want to know if they really are effective for you skin... then I recommend it and I know that you won't consider it an expense, but an investment.

If you want to know more technical aspects or how Wayskin works, please read the FAQ on their website.

Hope this review was helpful to you! tried to get all the points before publish it haha

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